Our Story

Our mission is to inspire a healthier and more radiant communities through effective and quality products

In the late 2018, David Chan, our founder, was introduced to Sacha Inchi Oil when he discovered his friend who was suffering from chronic diabetes has been cured by this wonderful oil, where other medicines have failed. His friend had spent thousands of dollars on testing kits, medicines and other supplements for the past 6 years. After taking Sacha Inchi Oil for 4 months, his blood sugar level went back to normal level of around 7-8 mmol/L. That got him very interested as it can help many people at low cost using natural remedies, just like how he has been taught.

And so began the research and studies about the health benefits of Sacha Inchi. However most of the information available is scarce and quite clinical, and he wanted to learn the entire process of making the Sacha Inchi Oil as well as study the whole plant including its leaves and roots, rather than just the seed from which the oil come from. When his acquittance got to know that he is into Sacha Inchi, he asked David to plant Sacha Inchi on a large scale, and he would be the buyer of the seeds. Egged by his acquittance and his interest to study the plant, David pioneered Sacha Inchi farming on a large scale. However, after invested several hundred thousands of his own money into planting it successfully, his acquittance backed away from his promise.

At that time, little is known about large scale farming in Malaysia even though it is said that our climate is the most suited to do so, compared to other countries in the region. As our climate most resemble the Amazon, the origin place of Sacha Inchi, it is said that we could produce the best of quality. Therefore, our farm in Jasin, Melaka has attracted many NGOs, government bodies like Ministry of Agriculture and RISDA, as well as researchers from local and abroad including China, Korea, Japan, Singapore whose background ranges from TCM specialists and doctors to pharmacists and nutritionists.

David Chan is a 3rd generation herbalist, whose skills and knowledge had been handed down from his father, Chan Ah Tan, who got it from his father. His father migrated from China to a farmland in Lendu, Melaka and brought with him knowledge about herbs and natural remedies which have been practiced in China for a thousand years.

In 1980, Chan Ah Tan started Chan Hock Seng (M) Sdn. Bhd. (CHS) to run a small scale nursery. Since then it has grown leaps and bound, and won numerous awards under the leadership of the Chan family. Today, CHS has a diversified business involving oil palm, rubber, fertilizer, coconut, guava, birdnest, transportation & land trading around Malaysia.

Chan Ah Tan

“Always treat client with sincerity & grateful heart.”

The late Mr. Chan Ah Tan

With 30 acres of Sacha Inchi plant and no buyers for the seeds, David was at a crossroad – to cut them down or to do something with it. So he sought his daugther, Datin Mandees Chan for help. After extensive market research, Mandees, a herbal enthusiast herself presented David with a plan, and AL-LECCA was born. She and her multiracial team set up the whole ecosystem involving farming, research, manufacturing and distribution as we believe when we control the entire supply chain, we are able to assure the quality of our products while ensuring smooth operations and offer the best price for our consumers.

Since inception, AL-LECCA has received many feedback from our customers that our products have helped them in multiple ways – from losing weight, to better skin, better sleep, lowering cholesterol and many more. Some of our customers even became our agents so that they too can introduce our products to their family members and friends. Seeing how AL-LECCA have positively impacted many lives, we promise to continue to inspire a healthier and more radiant communities through effective and quality products.


David Chan
David ChanFounder
Rozaini Kamis
Rozaini KamisCo-founder
Mohd Fariman
Mohd FarimanCo-founder
Dato' Donny Koh
Dato' Donny KohManaging Director
Datin Mandees Chan
Datin Mandees ChanChief Product Development
Alex Lee
Alex LeeCEO
Muhammad Afiq
Muhammad AfiqMarketing
Farah Zahirah
Farah ZahirahSpokesperson

Partners in Wellness

Chef Gaya
Chef GayaVegan Chef
Self-taught chef who specialises in Vegan and Plant Base cooking
Stephanie Looi
Stephanie LooiCertified Sound Therapist
Using sound and bach flower as part of the wholistic therapy