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FREE sachet for each meal box ordered through us

YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT. That’s why eating healthy is very important. All the meals are co-designed by Homey dietitians according to Medical Nutrition Therapy. The food portions are customized based on your health or medical condition and healthy cooking methods used in preparing the meals. Get a sachet of AL-LECCA’s Sacha Inchi Oil with every meal for FREE! Fill up the form below to claim the free sachet.


  • Assessment of relevant background information such as medical history, current medication, recent blood tests, dietary analysis, and lifestyle factors (e.g. physical activity, stress)
  • Dietary education & a personalised nutrition plan

Who is this for?

  • Those who wish to manage weight.
  • Those who generally wants healthy meal.
  • Those who are too busy to prepare meal.
  • Those who are just discharged from hospital.
  • Those suffering from kidney problems.
  • Those who are suffering from high cholesterol, diabetes, high blood pressure.

I have been ordering customized low-cholesterol meals from Homey for almost 3 months and I experienced great improvement in terms of blood test result as well as physical wellness. I do order for my company’s event and lunch meeting. My team like the food from Homey a lot.


Thanks homey for being so thoughtful. My dad has his heart healthy food delivered to doorstep without me worrying.

Mr. Cheng

Thank you Homey for always making sure we get the right amount of nutrients in every meal. Enhanced our performance for our daily trainings! Full of goodness!

Dawn Lynn

Fill up the form and our dietitian will contact you to further understand your needs, and recommend you a suitable meal plan.

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