How to use sacha inchi


Sacha inchi has an amazing nutrient, especially its balanced Omega-3 and Omega-6 ratio, which are good for health. It may benefit people with high cholesterol, high blood sugar and hypertension. Below, we listed down a few ways to use or consume sacha inchi. Not only does it has health benefits but there’s also a fun and tasty way to enjoy them too.

Let’s check it out.


The roasted seeds have a mild, nutty flavour and can be enjoyed as-is for a simple snack on the go. You can also swap them in for other nuts in your diet and add them to salads, trail mixes, or granola.


The ground seeds are found in plant-based protein powders, great to use in smoothies, baked goods, or energy bites.

3) TEA

The leaves of the plant can be dried and steeped in water for a few minutes to make a flavorful herbal tea.

4) OIL

You can apply the oil to your skin or drizzle it over salads, smoothies, or sautéed veggies to boost the flavour and health benefits.”

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  1. AL-LECCA Sacha Inchi Oil. Cold pressed from the nuts of the Sacha Inchi plant, this yellow to amber coloured liquid is high in amino acids, high quality proteins, antioxidants (Vitamin E and A) and fatty acids (Omega 3, Omega 6 and Omega 9).
  2. AL-LECCA 29 Super Grains Sacha Inchi Omega. A plant-based multigrain that comes from 7 colors of ingredients, suitable for a busy person that wants a quick meal or breakfast without compromising the healthy lifestyle
  3. AL-LECCA Micha Tea. Cat’s Whisker + Sacha Inchi Husk with 100% pure herbs & premium green tea, aromatic and refreshing for detox and general health maintenance. It helps cleanse the body and improve body balance

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