I suppose everyone eat oats for breakfast once a while and at times at night when one doesn’t feel like eating heavy dinner. I usually add some milk to add some flavour into my oat. In the past, I always had plain instant oats, which taste bland and mushy.

Well it doesn’t have to be with AL-LECCA’s Super Grains Sacha Inchi Omega Plus. Now you can add this into your oat and make it yummy and healthy. It is super duper easy to do and it’s delightful!

Let me share with you how to make your oat tasty using the this delicious and wholesome multigrain. You’ll never wonder what to have for a healthy breakfast again!

What I love about oatmeal is that it’s really quick and easy to make, customize it with any toppings, and it keeps you full with lots of energy.


  • Quaker Oat
  • Super Grains Sacha Inchi Omega Plus
  • Hot water
  • Fruits or any toppings


  1. Start by measuring how many serving you want to eat.
  2. Typically I add 2 tablespoons of Quaker Oat
  3. 1 tablespoon of Super Grains Sacha Inchi Omega Plus
  4. An appropriate amount of water for your oat and stir in the oats
  5. Then, load it up with your favourite toppings, and enjoy!

by Joysesca Fabian

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