Introducing healthy eating options with sacha inchi oil and dietary consultation for free.

KEPONG, KUALA LUMPUR, 6 August 2021 – AL-LECCA, the leading brand of health foods product based on Sacha Inchi in Malaysia is honored to announce its collaboration with the Malaysian healthtech nutrition optimization platform, HOMEY.

With the progress of the times, the Malaysian population is constantly troubled by chronic diseases or what is called the ” illness of civilization “. According to the National Health and Morbidity Survey (NHMS) 2019 by the Ministry of Health (MOH), about 1.7 million people in Malaysia have the risk factors for three non-communicable diseases — diabetes, hypertension, high cholesterol. While 3.4 million people have two risk factors.

Wanting to put some effort into improving the current lifestyle of many Malaysian citizens, AL-LECCA has partnered with HOMEY Nutrition to provide choices of healthy meals to fulfill every one of their needs. HOMEY’s nutrition services include Therapeutic meals specially designed for people with various goals: improve diabetes, maintaining a healthy heart, fighting cancer, post-operation maintenance, dialysis meals, and weight loss meals in particular. Apart from that, HOMEY also provides consultation on dietary needs by qualified dietitians and nutritionists.

AL-LECCA, on the other hand, will be giving away free Sacha Inchi oil sachets with every meal subscription on their webpage. Sacha Inchi oil is the most nutritious vegetable oil in the world. It is extremely rich in the beneficial fatty acids needed by the human body, namely Omega 3, 6, and 9. Research has proven that these fatty acids can contribute to reducing the risks of contracting the chronic diseases mentioned above.

” If we can add a little bit of value in the life of others by offering them our time, knowledge and experience, why not? ” Said the CEO and Certified Dietitian of HOMEY, Yi Chien. “I believe, everyone deserves the access to credible information and result proven therapeutic meal from professional. ”

Alex Lee, the CEO of AL-LECCA, said the purpose of this collaboration is to promote a healthier, balancing eating style to people. “Opposite to the current ” less fat” eating trend, we want to encourage more people to eat more fats, but only healthy fats like what Sacha Inchi oil contains.” Alex Lee said. “Both AL-LECCA and HOMEY are dedicated to inspiring healthier community by eating nutritious food and since HOMEY is providing delivery service, Sacha Inchi oil is now more accessible. By subscribing to one of the meal packages available, everyone can enjoy a sachet of this most nutritious oil and take care of their health.”


 AL-LECCA is a brand owned by DCD (M) SDN. BHD., an integrated health foods manufacturer and distributor in Malaysia. It is a brand synonym with high quality health and beauty products based on Sacha Inchi.

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About HOMEY Nutrition

Homey Nutrition is a healthtech nutrition optimisation platform that is backed by a strong network of dietitians & nutritionists to meet your healthy dietary needs.

Homey delivers healthy meals and therapeutic diets (covid19 recovery, diabetic, cancer, post operation etc) in Penang, KL and Selangor while providing a range of nutrition services. They consist of a team of doctors, dietitians, and nutritionists, who work together with chefs to design meals that help you achieve your health goals and needs.

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